Premium Quality Leather Goods Handmade in California Since 2012

This is our store front. You can learn more at our main site: www.onestarleathergoods.com

"Buy good things, own them for a long time."

Today’s “buy it cheap then throw it away” consumer environment is unsustainable and largely irresponsible. Do your research, find something that suits your needs and is well made, pay a fair price for it and be rewarded by years of happy use. Support your local independent craftsman over a big box retailer and search out unique and finely crafted goods.

The One Star team includes myself, my wife and three of our friends. We work out of our garage in Los Angeles and ship leather goods all over the world.

I love the feel of good leather in your hands, I love the smell of it under your nose and I love watching each piece age uniquely and beautifully. My goods are durable and made for the long haul—they may well outlast their owners.


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